Finite Automata


Originally forged in the year 2006, Finite Automata grew from a local grown Pensacola garage industrial group to a regional, and soon to be national force to be reckoned with. Over the years they have shared the stage with notable acts such as The Ludovico Technique, Cyanide Regime, Spider Lilies, Retractor, and Slick Idiot.

Beginnings (2006-2008)

Finite Automata began as a solo project in the summer of 2006 by eccentric front-man Mod Eschar (a.k.a. Dom Price). In 2007 Eschar was joined by core member c. Grendel (a.k.a. Christopher Stanley); inspired by the groundbreaking works of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and other electronic acts as Severed Heads and Mentallo and the Fixer, the duo began to churn out a sonic onslaught of haunting melodies and demented mentally vexing vocals. They were joined later that same year by guitarist, keyboardist, and gadgetrist Mat Syn (Mat Porter), a seasoned musician from Pensacola FL.

The trio began producing demos in Grendel’s converted garage using nothing more than an old Ensoniq keyboard, a virtual sequencer, a voice processor, and a mixer. Their early works were met with both acclaim and disdain from the local scene, as at the time only a handful of people in the Pensacola scene had any knowledge of industrial music aside from a few devoted underground fans of the genre. Nevertheless, the three pushed forward with session after session of experimentation and composition. It was during this time that demo versions of “Rot Inside” and “Filth In Eyes” were produced as well as an assortment of unreleased noise and EBM tracks.

In Mid 2008 Mat Syn temporarily left the group because of disagreements with c. Grendel.  He was replaced by Guitarist Vic Martinez for their late 2008 and 2009 shows. It was during this time that Finite Automata’s stage performances took a turn for the macabre, becoming more and more controversial with each performance. Wire, knives, props, dolls and copius amounts of stage blood combined with additional actors and light shows became staples of their performances, which became increasingly fatalistic.  One performance left Eschar bleeding and another drenched in holy water by a local baptist preacher who happened to walk in on the band’s performance at a local cafe and then confronted the eccentric vocalist after their set.

Being based out of the religiously conservative city of Pensacola, the band was shunned by the town’s mainstream crowd, whilst being embraced by it’s deviants, its artists, and its underground culture who were looking for an alternative to what had become a lackluster music scene. It was during this time that the began to produce material for what would ultimately become “Recurse”, an album whose central themes dealt with cyclical conflict and the psychological effects of human cruelty.

By the end of 2009, Mat Syn would once again join the group, ousting out Martinez, who left due to differences in the band. The group began to make it’s mark regionally. That following spring the band would be invited to play the Florida Underground Industrial Music Festival in Orlando, a festival they would again be invited to play every year until present.

Hiatus and Rebirth (2010-Onward)

The summer of 2010 brought a series of crushing events in the personal lives of Finite Automata’s members resulting in a temporary Hiatus. During this period of time the members reflected on personal demons and ultimately the substance of their art. During this time Eschar worked closely with Jason Beatty of Transfer Case and founded one side project Vimana Cult, an ambient and noise project. That fall brought a rebirth of sorts and the end to their hiatus. The trio began to embrace elements of industrial rock and aggrotech and changed their approach artistically and thematically. The end of the year saw the release of their first official Maxi-Single “Here Won No One”.

Here Won No One and Recurse

In the spring of 2011, Finite Automata was added on to the roster of Beyond Therapy Records by owner Ben V. In November 2011, Here Won No One was officially re-released on the label. In spring of 2012 Finite Automata briefly joined Atlanta based industrial act Prognosis on the Medical Meat tour to promote the E.P. Revamped material from Here Won No One would eventually make it’s way onto Recurse. In December of 2012, Recurse was finally released on Beyond Therapy Records, solidifying the groups then 6 year journey.


Their current creation entitled “Dogma Eye”, is tentatively slated to be released in 2013 and differs in both aesthetic and theme from it’s predecessor. Eschar and c. Grendel state the album’s central theme is “control” and “coercion”. The group is already fours songs deep into the new release and has new ideas on where to go from here.